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The Valuence group is changing the name of its second-hand luxury goods repurchase company Nanboya to ALLU France, for its Parisian purchasing office.

Valuence International Ltd. (Via its representative Susumu Muguruma) announced that the group has renamed all its overseas Nanboya purchasing offices to adopt the trade name ALLU.

Since opening its first office in Hong Kong in July 2019, Valuence has continued to expand its presence overseas. The company now operates a total of 34 facilities in 16 countries.

Valuence International is also developing its sales channels abroad, in particular with the online launch of STAR BUYERS AUCTION, an auction site for professionals. These weekly auctions allow second-hand businesses around the world to bid online. The company also launched the luxury second-hand retail brand ALLU for the general public in the United States, further expanding its overseas sales channels.

Nanboya's renaming to ALLU France aims to enhance customer appeal by providing a unified brand for buying and selling activities, with a view to launching Nanboya's online sales business. second-hand luxury items in different countries in the future.

ALLU means in English "everything for you" and refers to the company's commitment to listen to its customers and to offer a wider range of services in the future. In addition, the company decided to unify its overseas luxury goods purchasing business and its sales business under the same ALLU brand.

The Valuence Group will continue to open purchasing offices under the ALLU name abroad, thus strengthening the brand with a view to developing its sales activities in each country.


Valuence International Ltd.https://www.valuence.inc/en/group/international/)

Date of creation: November 19, 2008 (creation of the group: September 2015).

Director and President: Susumu Muguruma

Headquarters: 16F, Tower 5, The Gateway, Harbor City, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Activity: Purchase and sale of luxury goods, precious metals, precious stones, etc.

*Value International Ltd. is a Valuence Holdings Inc. group company (code: TSE Growth Market 9270, https://www.valuence.inc/en/).